3-Hole Coco Bird Hut & Charming Natural Home Decor — Birdhouse makes for mini condo – Perfect for hiding millet and nesting material – Hang the food dispenser in a tree in front yard or patio

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List Price : $17.95
Price : $7.45

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Made from hand picked, natural, hardy coconuts, SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT is the perfect addition to the bird lover's home. It is all natural, even the rope that comes with it for attaching to a favourable spot, is safe for all animals and pets.

Just pick a spot near a window and attach your SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT and watch as your new winged friends drop by for a visit. Smaller birds like finches, bluethroats, sparrows, warblers, robins, rubythroats, wagtails and pipits love using SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT as a resting spot, sometimes even picking off the coconut husks to use as materials for their nests. The 3 holes drilled in the coconut helps these little creatures fly in and out with ease.

For the bigger birds, the SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT is the ideal treat dispenser. Add bird seed, nuts or grain and you'll soon have mynas, parakeets, kiskadees, blue jays and even squirrels dropping by for a bite.

If you are an avid bird watcher, SunGrow COCO BIRD HUT will help make your home welcoming to all beautiful creatures. Observe them from the comforts of your home... they may even break into song just for you!

List Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $7.45
(as of 02/04/2019 at 6:00 UTC - Details)
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